Buyback Guarantee Policy

We are committed to offering you the best collectible coins available on the market, including bullion bars and coins, raw proof coins, modern coins, and rare coins.  But when it's time to part with your collection, we offer our clients a Buy Back Guarantee, which provides multiple options for when you're wishing to sell a portion or all of your collection.  You choose between the options below for what works best for you!
  1. Sell it on the Collectors Market
    You may achieve the highest Open Market Price by selling your portfolio yourself. You'll control the price at which you sell, so you can decide what is right for you. We recommend using any of the various online auction outlets (especially the Boursely app), but you must account for any fees associated with their services (which can be between 15% and 20% of the sale price). Additionally, you must also be willing to dedicate the time needed to facilitate the transaction. There is no minimum hold required.

  2. CTV Consignment
    We'll sell it for you!  Consign your collection with us and we'll market it through our media and trading floor. This option prices your collection based on our current market price, less an 20% fee, to cover any marketing, transactional, shipping and insurance costs related to selling the item to a new buyer. (You are responsible for the shipping and insurance fees required to deliver it to our facility). This is a great option for if you are seeking a reasonable value with with little time and work involved.  This service is offered exclusively to CoinsTV clients who have held their purchases for a minimum of 60 months from the original date of sale and are still active within the last 12 calendar months. Clients will be considered active if they have made a purchase of $99 or more in the prior 6 month period.  Consignment Sales are only valid for bullion items, Gold American Eagle Proof 70 Sets, Silver American Eagle Proof 70 coins, Platinum American Eagle Proof 70 Sets and 1 oz coins (for years when no Sets were minted), and Gold American Buffalo Proof 70 coins and Rare and Unique Coins to be selected at our discretion. We do not offer this service unless you purchased the products from us originally, however, we might be able to help with other collectibles as well.

  3. Immediate Liquidation Sale
    This option is best for bullion metals, but also offers immediate liquidity for Investment Grade and numismatic coins.We will buy your products back at current our current bid prices.  If you want to sell quickly, this option is available to facilitate your requirement for immediate liquidity with zero fees or charges from us (You are responsible for the shipping and insurance fees required to deliver your metals to our facility). There is no minimum hold required.