Truman Triumph First Day of Issue Signature Label

Announcing Truman's Triumph, CoinsTV's Exclusive Signature Label

Truman's Triumph Silver Eagles: By Collectors, For Collectors

CoinsTV is proud to announce our exclusive new series, the Truman's Triumph signature label Silver Eagles. Beginning with 2022, we will be offering a low-population series of our high-quality PCGS American Silver Eagles, under the label signature of Clifton Truman, grandson of US 33rd president Harry S Truman. We will be offering the Truman's Triumph series for many years to come, exclusively through CoinsTV.


At CoinsTV We Are Collectors First

We aren't just retail distributors of coins; we're numismatic enthusiasts and collectors ourselves. Our staff indulges in the hobby just as you do, falling in love with the fascinating stories from history reflected in every piece. We love to scavenge a coin show floor, and we love treasure hunt out of bank rolls just like you do! We excitedly dig though our pocket change at the cash register and gloat when we find a prize.

So, we know our market, because we are in that market ourselves. When we decide what coins to offer, we pick them to have as broad an appeal as possible to collectors at every grade. We find coins from all over the world to suit every budget, from the young hobbyist and casual collector to the precious metal lover who stacks shiny towers of gold & silver. When possible, we like to offer an item that appeals to two categories of collector at the same time.

Silver Eagles are already one of the best silver coins minted in the world, treasured the globe over. For the history buffs, educators, and hobbyists, the signatures and special editions add more scarcity and make these graded coins more sought after to those who want the best of the best in their collections.

For this CoinsTV Exclusive,, we considered the spirit of the times now with all our many challenges as a nation, and thought about great leaders of the past and how they would handle America today.

That's when we found out that Harry S Truman's grandson, Clifton Truman, is alive and well today and willing to sign coin labels.

A Silver Eagle Series Commemorating a Remarkable President war born.

Why Harry S Truman? He is one of our most interesting presidents from an interesting time in American history, specifically the time spanning from the cliff of World War II in 1945, to the dawn of America's golden industrial age in 1953. Say what you will about this time period, but you have to admit, no matter your partisan affiliation, that Truman was a strong leader who answered the call for his nation at its darkest hour and led it to greatness.

How much of Harry Truman's attitude would be respected today? He had a sign on his desk that said "The buck stops here!" Compare that to our modern mushy attitudes where everybody's afraid to take a firm stand on anything for fear of getting Twitter-canceled.

Truman was not universally popular for every decision he made; he faced controversy and criticism for some of his decisions. He faced every challenge head on. There was never any question of who was in charge when Truman sat in the Oval Office.

A man from Missouri, in fact the only president we've had from that state so far, he was the epitome of a Midwest spit-in-your-eye feisty attitude. We might guess that his personality and integrity might resonate with collectors today.

Behind the Label Lies Exceptional Collector's Value

Beyond the signature of Clifton Truman lies a perfect specimen of the Silver Eagle program, now in its 36th year of issue. As always, we select these for eye appeal and solid, enduring value. On the obverse, reverse, and signature holder, this PCGS certified MS70 2022 Silver Eagle sums up all a coin can of American history, as well as being an impressive chunk of silver. If you collect precious metal at all, this is the must-have coin.

The year 2022 also just so happens to be the first full year to debut the new reverse design on the Silver Eagle. For those out of the loop, the US Silver Eagle has until last year always carried the heraldic eagle reverse design by John Mercanti. In 2021, mid-year, the US Mint converted to Emily Damstra's landing eagle design, an equal beauty in its own right. The obverse keeps the iconic Jazz Age styling of the Walking Liberty design, now in its 106th year!

The Truman's Triumph signature label is an exclusive arrangement between Clifton Truman and CoinsTV. No other coin dealer has this exclusive available.

As we say, we approach from the collector's perspective first. If we like an item, we know our customers will like it too!


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