How Much Is a Quarter on a Common Nail Worth?

How Much Is a Quarter on a Common Nail Worth?

Heads up collectors! If you thought a 1943 Lincoln cent struck on a bronze planchet is cool (it is!) you'll love this. Around the turn of the century, some hanky panky was taking place at the United States Mint.

Researchers have found that operators at the US Mint presses may use nails to dislodge misstruck and misshapen coins that become jammed in the presses - but in all likelihood, this and similar "10 Penny" pieces were almost certainly struck deliberately.

Five years ago, I came across a similar "10 Penny" nail error - a dime struck on a 6 penny nail. At the time, my team and I sold it for $25, we were very pleased to discover that an identical piece sold at auction six months later to a museum for over $42,000! Great buy for our collector!

Some think it happened by accident...others on purpose.  Everyone agrees it's valuable.

Conservative estimates would put the dimes at $50,000 - $75,000 today. As this quarter is likely unique, we would estimate that it could trade for over $90,000 today! But good luck finding one...very few have ever come to market. If you do find one - call us!

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I wonder how often that stuff really happens

Chad Botchlet

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