SC Couple Discover Long Lost Coins...Guess What Happened Next

SC Couple Discover Long Lost Coins...Guess What Happened Next

You know what they say - one good turn deserves another!  In a piece of uplifting numismatic news, an honest couple of new homeowners returned over $15,000 in forgotten rare coins to the original owners of the home they had just purchased.

James and Clarrisa Munford recently purchased their dream home in Irmo, South Carolina from a pair of proud homeowners.  The original owners spent weeks preparing the house, stating ‘You reap what you sow. My wife and I spent a great deal of time and effort to ensure that we left our home in excellent condition for the Munfords."  Well, one good deed was certainly returned by another!

As luck would have it, the one "loose end" they had forgotten was a hidden hoard of 50 gold and silver coins that the owners had stashed long ago.  The Munfords discovered the stash hidden inside a built-in drawer in the home.  Upon discovery, they couldn’t believe what they found - and they immediately reached out to the original homeowners and returned the coins.  Why would they sacrifice an immediate (and legal) windfall during a pandemic?   

US property law was on their side. Upon transfer of title of their new home, the Munfords gained ownership of the house and all of its contents - including the treasure trove of gold and silver. 

But the Munfords are good people, and in the nature of the golden rule they wanted to return the good will that the homeowners had shown them. The original owners were surprised they gave up the windfall  “Now is a good time to pause and reflect about how we treat each other. If there were more people like the Munfords, this world would be a much better place.” he said.

Wouldn’t it be?  Leave your thoughts in the comments down below.

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Absolutely and there are few people left to set the example that these fine people have!!! Hats off!!!

Todd Edwards

That’s very honest of the Munfords. I believe they returned the coins back, because, everything you do or say, is what God puts in your Heart. An that only happens, if you BELIEVE and have FAITH in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So, they returned them back because of the GOOD HEART they have for others. Cause of the good things you do in life, God rewards you with bigger and better things. It’s better to give than to receive. To the MUNFORDS, y’all are very generous and honest with a great and loving heart for everyone. Enjoy y’all’s home. God bless y’all and the life ahead. 🙏

Doroteo Valdez

Yes are world would be a better place

James Robinson

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