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CoinsTV Gift Guide

The CoinsTV Holiday Gift Guide For Coin-Lovers & Collectors

As with every year, it's been an exciting year in numismatics. For those of you who have a coin collector on your gift list, you might find out some surprising aspects about this hobby that have developed in recent decades. We've moved far beyond business-strike circulation currency and moved on to exotic specialty pieces.
This is a beautiful time for the numismatic hobby because there's something for everyone. In fact, should your special someone be a fan of one of the below franchises, a coin commemorating their fandom might be the unique gift you were looking for even if they didn't start out collecting coins. Without further ado (lists like this always say that, don't they?) let's see what Santa will be stuffing in coin collector stockings this year:

Coins For the Gamer

We're going out on a limb here, so we'll guess that there's plenty of video game fans out there. Call it a hunch. And yes, commemorative coins celebrate popular video game franchises!

Street Fighter

The iconic Capcom arcade franchise gets its proper due in this four-coin set. The Street Fighter franchise defined p-vs-p fighting games, porting over to the home gaming console where its popularity only grew from there. You can "Hadouken" these right into your gamer's stocking, with commemorative 1oz silver coins characterized with:

· Chun-Li - The classic Street Fighter character known for her spinning leg kicks

· Ryu - The main champion of the series
 The 2021 Street Fighter 30th Anniversary 4 coin set - get 4 1oz Silver coins celebrating the 30th anniversary of this legendary franchise!
Only 5000 sets of these will ever be minted, so you know you're getting a unique gift.
Sonic the Hedgehog
Just imagine, a plucky video game mascot who appeared on the Sega platform to challenge the dominant Nintendo market, and now here is the 30th anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He's come a long way! This four-coin set of 1oz silver features depictions of:
· Sonic himself - Everybody's favorite bouncy blue streak
· Knuckles - Sonic's agile echidna pal
· Tails - Sonic's constant foxy companion
· Dr. Eggman - Sonic's persistent nemesis
This set is sure to bring a smile to the face of any veteran Sega gamer. Since 30th anniversaries for video game franchises don't happen every day, you'll want to reserve a set for your Sonic fan!
Could it really be? The one-and-only legendary Pac-Man, notorious gobbler of quarters throughout the golden age of the arcade era, now ported to everything from mobile phones to restored gaming cabinets today, is now commemorated in silver. This 40th anniversary issue of a 1oz silver Pac-Man coin only has 2000 copies minted. Thrill your veteran Generation X game-geek with this bit of nostalgic gaming history.

Coins From Pop-Culture Fandom

You say your giftee is a rabid stan of a particular franchise? We got you covered.
Harry Potter
Coins possess a magic all their own; a likeness set in precious metal, just like any sturdy talisman. There are too many Harry Potter entries to list separately, in fact, which goes to show that we have plenty of options to thrill your average Millennial Harry Potter fan. Fresh from the goblin-tended vaults at Gringott's Wizarding Bank:
· 0.5 gram gold bar Harry Potter - The wizarding master himself zaps his wand right into your heart in solid gold · 0.5 gram gold bar Dobby - Dobby is a free elf now, and he gets his own gold bar · 5oz silver glow-in-the-dark "Expecto Patronum" - Must see to believe, the spirit guardian glows with an ethereal green; let this be your protection spell in your darkest hour · 3-piece set 1oz silver Harry Potter and friends - From the first meeting as passengers on the Hogwarts Express, the trio of Harry, Hermoine, and Ron have been an unshakable team, now together in silver
Marvel and MCU...
Stan Lee's creations and the comics empire he founded have delighted generations of fans from the earliest golden age to streaming shows like Wandavision or the latest films in the Avengers' series. Now you can have a hunk of silver commemorating the enduring legacy of these superheroes.
Iron Man
Where would Iron Man be today without the masterful portrayal by Robert Downey Jr.? He's all style, with plenty of substance to back it up. This 1oz silver Iron Man commemorative coin may not be as tough as his armor, but his distinguished design will be unmistakable in your collection.
Doesn't Wolverine get enough exposure? Well, he wouldn't have become the most famous member of the XMen team if the fans didn't love him, so here he is in a 1oz silver bullion Wolverine coin. He's claws-out and wild-haired, in the classic Marvel comics style.
Hey, here I am, Deadpool, on a coin! You know I never miss a chance to brag about myself, but seeing me in silver just says it all. Far more handsome than those try-hards like Washington and Franklin, don't you think? Since this 1oz silver bullion Deadpool coin is technically legal tender, obviously you will want to cash out your assets and change them all into Deadpool coins. Why would you want to spend anything else but the one and only "Merc with a Mouth"?
Norse Gods Loki and Odin
Stepping away from the Marvel Thor franchise, the 2oz silver Loki coin and 2oz silver Odin coin are authentic Norse designs, antiquated and sharply etched in stunning 2-tone colors. Celtic braids wreath the design and Nordic runes declare the majesty of these two familiar figures of Nordic legend.
Godzilla vs. King Kong
We have reached maximum geek velocity, with this commemorative coin celebrating two of the most iconic monsters to have ever stomped downtown Tokyo or parkoured up Manhattan skyscrapers. The 1oz silver Godzilla vs King Kong coin is colorized in dramatic red and blue, evoking a dual power that pays due respect to these heroes of kaiju cinema.

Coins For the History Buff

For those collectors who prefer an authentic, circulated coin that is also a piece of history, we offer these pieces which will inspire awe without breaking the bank.
· NGC Certified Admiral Gardner Shipwreck Treasure (1808) - These coins were recovered from the Admiral Gardner shipwreck of 1809, and recovered by divers in 1984. Now they find their way to your recipient's collection, after a 200+ year journey! · Greek Medusa-head bronze piece (120-63 BC) - You don't get more historic than an NGC-certified circulated coin from ancient Greece, depicting snake-haired Medusa the Gorgon, one of the most iconic figures of Greek legend. · Roman Valentinian the Great bronze piece (364-375 AD) - The ancient Romans took to monetization with particular zeal, so we have a lot of Roman history punched right into their minted pocket change, like this NGC-certified bronze coin minted under Valentinian I.

Coins For the Nature Lover

Mother Gaia is rich in all her myriad forms of life on the fertile planet Earth. For the coin collector on your list who also cherishes Earth sciences of any discipline, we present:
The Big Five Wildlife series - the South African Mint has produced this series to raise awareness for and support conservation efforts for the endangered species of Africa. These 1oz silver coins feature the rhino, water buffalo, leopard, and elephant, check back for the complete series.
The Great White Shark - the Australian Mint produces this 1oz silver Australian Great White Shark dollar to commemorate the ocean's most notorious predator. Nature lovers will be familiar with "Shark Week" on the Discovery channel; this coin brings the shark in all its toothy glory!
Mars Spherical Coin - We are still getting used to the mind-blowing idea that we have a bunch of automated explorers on the planet Mars. This special designer's edition features a unique 1oz silver spherical Mars coin, in an attractive display box.
Tyrannosaurus Rex coin - We get some crossover here between the Jurassic Park fans and the natural science lovers. The 5oz bimetal Tyrannosaurus Rex coin is scupted in sharp detail. You can feel every scale and fang in the face of this fiercest of apex predators.

Coins for the Precious Metals Fancier

Some collectors have a practical mind and collect coins for the efficient value storage. Who doesn't like to stack their silver and gloat over their horde? So we should give a nod to the actual bread and butter of the numismatic trade, the people who collect actual circulating currency. If you'd rather find a specimen to fill in a gap in your recipient's collection, perhaps you'll be interested in these…
· 2021 Morgan and Peace dollars - We can just about guarantee that most collectors of Morgan and Peace dollars don't have these - because they were only minted this year! The 2021 Morgan and Peace dollar series are a revival of the two most iconic silver dollar series in US currency.
· NGC MS70 Silver Eagle - No muss, no fuss, this is this year's US Mint issue in the continuing Silver Eagle series. The 2021 Silver Eagle features Walking Liberty on the obverse, and the debut of Emily Damstra's landing eagle design on the reverse, so this is a noteworthy year sure to be a key date in the Silver Eagle series. · NGC MS70 Brown Label Silver Eagle - The business strike 2021 Silver Eagle has the classic NGC brown label graded slab. Here again, the "type 2" designation for the debut of Damstra's reverse design makes this a key date for the Silver Eagle collector.
· ½ ounce silver $2 Canadian Polar Bear - For the silver collector reaching beyond our own borders, this is an attractive alternative piece which is both a striking design and an affordable price. The 2018 $2 Canadian Polar Bear is a half ounce of silver depicting the ursine king of the arctic regions in his native icy habitat. · Kennedy half-dollar proofs - We have ten dates available for the Kennedy half-dollar proof series, all 90% pure silver. These beautiful and lustrous specimens are proof-struck memorials to John Kennedy, 35th president of the United States
Finally, no Holiday gift guide is complete without featuring the man himself, Father Frost, aka Santa Claus! As a part of the Matryoshka Doll Series, this 1oz Silver coin comes in incredibly unique Russian doll packaging! Only 5,000 of these coins will ever be made, making them a rare gift to spread the holiday joy this season! 

Why Give the Gift of Coins?

Even if you're shopping for someone who isn't a coin collector, coins make ideal gifts for anyone in any occasion. They are items of genuine value which show that you treasure the person enough to give the gift of precious metals, an honored tradition going back to ancient times. They are a treasure of another kind, for their historic and educational value. As you can see from our list, even with much more to discover on our site, they literally make a coin for everyone these days.
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